Is this ordinary Baseball?

The answer in no. While on the normal sport you have the bat and you need to hit the ball as hard as you can, here, the rules have changed. You are the ball, you are scared, and you run from the angry ball.
Try to survive as much as you can because even a swing can hit you pretty hard.
Here are some reasons why you should pick this game:

  • easy control
  • great to challenge with your friend
  • addictive (carefull not to crush your phone)
  • daily rewards
  • multiple skins

Start the game and smash the tap button.

While the rules are simple, avoid the baseball bat, you can take advantages of the periodic power ups that spawns random on the screen.

But among all people, not all have skills or the sweat to do it. Do you have it?
Train hard and get number one on leaderboards!
Run towards them and get extra points, gems for skins or even extra seconds. When you run for your life, every moment counts!

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