Are you a honey hunter?

A cold winter is coming, and you are hungry, without any provisions.
Luckily, the forest nearby is full with trees and honey.

But what a bear can do when it’s too fat to climb on the tree?
We could smash the trunks one by one and get the honey closer and closer to us.

It’s unknown if the bubbles that randomly drops are from you headaches or they are for real, the only thing that matters is that they shield you.

This game has a lot of features, some of them being:

  • Random gifts, check it every few hours
  • Try your luck if you are feeling lucky;
    a set of random cards get down from the sky,
    will you chose the one with the bigger reward?
  • We like the brown bear, but wouldn’t it be nicer to
    have a panda or arctic one?
    We can agree with you, it’s nicer, that why you
    can buy different kind of bear with the honey you collect
  • Funny, fast, addictive
  • And wait, we also have dynamites
  • Daily challenges with big rewards

The controls are easier than you thought. Tap the right or the left side of the screen to smash a trunk, just make sure it doesn’t hit your head.

The numerous achievements will you keep you engaged in the game more than you though, not to say about the daily challenges.
If you put your eyes on a skin, the fastest way to get it it’s through felling lucky, but if you aren’t, you can farm the honey trunk after trunk, it’s easier than it looks.

You can always take advantage of the random gifts which contain big packs of honey.

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