Why this game?

A fun drag-and-drop puzzle game for kids. Completely hand-drawn in watercolor with hilarious sounds effects, Inno’s Adventures it is like an interactive children’s book.

  • Enhance motor skills
  • Fun to play
  • Suitable for 5-6 years old

The game focuses on helping Inno and his friends in a series of childhood adventures: preparing for kindergarten, enjoying their treehouse, helping the animals in the garden, dressing up for Halloween and many others.

With easy to understand drag-and-drop movements, you can chose which objects fit the best with the characters and which are not. Repeat the levels on and on just to have fun hearing the funny cartoon sounds.

New levels will be added every couple of months, so the fun will never end!

The game also includes the halloween theme with it’s specific activities such as trick-or-treat, attending a halloween costume party, even assembling a scarecrow with different vegetables. The game was designed to include various daily objects which will familiarise the player with the everyday objects.

If you finished the game too fast and you want start over, the reset option can be found in the settings screen. Just hit reset and start over the fun, trying different combinations on every level.

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